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Tier 1 Visa Business Plan

All applications for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa need to be supported by a comprehensive business plan, in order to pass the Genuine Test.

Queensbury Consulting are experts in writing business plans to support a Tier 1 Visa application. We understand what the Home Office is looking for in a business plan and can write one for you that meets their requirements.

We will work with you to understand the overall business idea and plan that you have, or collaborate with you to identify and develop a concept for a suitable business opportunity for you, so we can develop a business plan which showcases your expertise in that field and enables you to pass the UK Border Agency’s ‘Genuine Test’.

To do this we will ensure the business plan demonstrates:

  • You genuinely intend and are able to establish or take over one or more businesses in the UK within the next 6 months.
  • How the invested funds will be spent
  • The jobs that will be created for ‘settled’ people
  • Your understanding of the market and competitors
  • Your ability to run the business successfully

We will write a business plan in clear and simple terms, so that the person reading it can understand the overall business idea and the product or service you plan to deliver. They are not likely to be an expert in your field, so we will keep it simple and not use industry specific terms unnecessarily. The business plan we write for you will reassure the reader of the viability and credibility of your business idea and your ability to establish and run the business successfully.

We have experience of writing business plans across a wide range of sectors including healthcare, education, retail, luxury goods, fine art, hospitality and tourism and oil.

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